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The PROBoter software framework

10. Juli, 2023 #proboter #embedded security #secforcars #toolrelease

The last part of the PROBoter series showed how innovative algorithms can help an embedded system pentester to analyze recorded voltage signals of an unknown PCB. Besides basic signal characteristics, these algorithms can link signal lines and identify communication buses typically found on PCBs like I2C or SPI. In this final post of the PROBoter series, we draw the big picture of the PROBoter software framework. In parallel to the release of this post, all missing services forming the framework are released on the PROBoter Github repo.

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Visual PCB analysis with Neural Networks and classic Computer Vision algorithms

8. August, 2022 #proboter #embedded security #secforcars #toolrelease

The last part of the PROBoter series introduced the heart of the PROBoter framework - the hardware platform. The platform allows (semi) automated electrical probing of an unknown PCB which is usually a very time consuming and error prone task. This post focuses on methods to automate the initial analysis step of an embedded system - the visual analysis of the PCB(s) forming the device under test.

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SecForCARs Demo Video of our PROBoter released

2. Februar, 2022 #proboter #automotive security #embedded security #secforcars #toolrelease #news

The PROBoter is a modular, self-calibrating probing machine to support PCB analysis tasks in penetration tests of embedded systems. The video of the PROBoter demonstrates its four main contributions: 1) The automatic visual detection of components and contact points on a PCB, 2) the automatic probing of contact points for net reversing and signal detection, 3) the mapping of signal lines to given bus protocols, and 4) the support in identification of potential attack vectors.

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The PROBoter hardware platform

2. Februar, 2022 #proboter #embedded security #secforcars #toolrelease

The first part of the PROBoter series gave an introduction to the manual process of embedded system pentesting. It then showed a possible automated workflow which will be implemented in the form of the PROBoter platform. After a longer phase of further internal development and evaluation, this post describes the core component of the PROBoter framework - a hardware platform for automated electrical probing and PCB image generation.

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SCHUTZWERK participated at escar Europe 2021 with two talks

15. November, 2021 #proboter #automotive security #event #research #secforcars

The escar is the world’s leading automotive cyber security conference. SCHUTZWERK participated at this year’s escar Europe with two talks. The first talk of Dr. Bastian Könings discussed the current challenges in automotive penetration testing. The second talk of Fabian Weber presented the PROBoter, a hardware platform to support penetration tests of embedded systems by automating time-consuming analysis tasks.

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