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Questions & answers

Questions & answers

What is the difference between the Digital Watchguard and technical security assessments such as penetration tests?

The Digital Watchguard covers threat scenarios arising from automized and untargeted attacks. In contrast, other types of technical assessments usually also include more in-depth tests which may also include manual attack attempts..

The prime objective of the Digital Watchguard is the early detection of vulnerabilities of your exposed IT systems before potential attackers are attracted to them. The test interval is required to be as short as possible. Contrary to this, penetration tests are, for example, carried out at substantially longer intervals (e.g. yearly).

Technical security assessments include detailed final reports and require preparatory and finishing work which contribtes to a vast part of the project effort. The Digital Watchguard report is action-orientated and limited to essential information. If carried out at regular intervals, administrative assessment efforts will decrease.

Furthermore, the Digital Watchguard includes an early warning system which cannot be provided by regular security assessments.
What are the advantages of the Digital Watchdog in comparison with web-based vulnerability management or self-tests using standard software tools?

The Digital Watchdog combines the same tools used by potential attackers with the profound know-how of our auditors who assess the results, evaluate the findings and define measures for you.

The Digital Watchguard combines a multitude of different software tools that are updated prior to each assessment and adjusted to changed and new attack scenarios.

With web-based vulnerability management the results of the monitoring scans are usually also web-based. The results of the Digital Watchguard are, however, transmitted to you via a safe channel, e.g. via strongly encrypted emails.

What monitoring interval is the right one for our company?

The choice of the right interval particularly depends on the following factors:
  • complexity and change dynamics of your IT environment
  • sensitivity and value of the data processed in your IT environment
  • importance of the IT environment for the business processes of your company
  • connectivity of exposed IT systems with your internal IT environment

The more critical the above stated factors are, the shorter the chosen monitoring inteval.

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