the digital watchguard

test the digital watchguard

Contact us for a non-binding test run of the Digital Watchguard. The first steps will include:

Step 1 - Specification of the initial state and definition of assessment parameters
  • The initial scan identifies the current state of the IT environment that is to be monitored
  • Based on these results, the assessment focus and parameters will be defined with you for continuous monitoring (number and type of systems and services / scope and depth of regular assessments / monitoring interval)

Step 2 - Continuous vulnerability monitoring and early warning
  • Relevant software tools will be applied and the results will be evaluated manually by our security expert at defined intervals
  • This is followed by the compilation of a results report and the secure (encrypted) transmission to your chosen recipient
  • You can contact us via a hotline to dicuss details with our experts directly
  • The early warning system of the Digital Watchguard is available to you with completion of your first monitoring scan

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