information and it security Consulting

Owing to the great importance of information technologies for company success, IT security is a business-critical factor. The complexity of this topic demands many different perspectives, starting from a strategic perspective through to the elementary details of measures. SCHUTZWERK is your experienced partner for the essential "brainwork" required in regards to information and IT security.

Evolving information technologies in combination with ever more pressing threats have led to ever more complex security requirements and measures. IT departments as well as risk management and other specialist divisions are faced with the constant challenge to live up to this responsibility. Solutions include individual technical measures but also primary security strategies and organisational processes. All of these areas require specialist knowedge and experience and companies therefore frequently struggle to implement the required optimization measures by themselves during everyday operation. In addition, there may also be tension with regard to e.g. primary management acceptance of risks, measures and ressources.

Starting with security strategic aspects through to the development of specific solutions, SCHUTZWERK provides you with objective and product-independent support.

Our information and IT security consulting services e.g. include the following aspects:
  • Analysis of primary or situation-specific threats and their business impact as well as definition of the resulting security objectives
  • Development of comprehensive or situation-specific security strategies as well as the resulting appropriation requests
  • Development of security concepts on specific topics
  • Establishment of security sensitivity and solution acceptance on the management level
  • Benchmarking for deployed or proposed security solutions and processes
  • Evaluation of software and hardware solutions
  • etc.
The distinct expertise of SCHUTZWERK GmbH in the above mentioned areas extends to the management of security relevant projects. Building on our consulting services, we also support you during complex implementation phases if required.