Criminal investigation police acquire the latest hacker know-how

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, have become an integral part of everyday life. As a result, an increasing number of people are becoming victims of smartphone-based crime. During their investigations, the criminal investigation police is thus regularly confronted with the respective technology and increasingly complex, digital attacks. Consequently, the “CyberCrime” departments were set up and are now faced with the challenge to match the scammers' know-how.

SCHUTZWERK has recently passed on the respective expertise and latest practical experience to the specialists of the criminal investigations departments in Ulm, Neu-Ulm, Kempten, Augsburg and Reutlingen as part of a training event arranged by the Chamber of Commerce in Ulm. The training material ranged from a consideration of relevant threat scenarios to attacks simulated live in test environments and possible countermeasures.

In view of ever-changing cyber crime phenomena, a collaboration between commercial companies and the police is mutually beneficial. Regular communication as well as specific information exchange in case of acute threats aim to ensure that the investigators are on par with their counterpart.