The digital watchguard

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What can the Digital Watchguard offer you?

The Digital Watchguard is a tailored service that provides you with continuous vulnerability monitoring, including early vulnerability warnings, on all your IT systems that are accessible through the internet.

What are the distinct benefits of the Digital Watchguard?

The Digital Watchguard allows you to gain continuous transparency into emerging vulnerabilities and the required countermeasures. The early vulnerability warning feature even enables you to react to new vulnerabilities that are relevant to you on a daily basis (e.g. Heartbleed, Shellshock, Poodle, etc.). You can therefore remedy security vulnerabilities faster and in a more comprehensive and simplifed way. Furthermore, you also significantly reduce your "internet visibility" from the perspective of potential attackers.

In addition, the Digital Watchguard supports your efforts with regards to quality assurance in terms of professional defect remediation as well as with regards to inspections of service level agreements, e.g. in a hosting environment.

Which IT components can be secured by the Digital Watchguard?

Generally, all IT systems and web applications with exposure to the internet can be secured by the Digital Watchguard.

What does the Digital Watchguard and its reports look like?

The Digital Watchguard mimics the tool-based approach of attackers who are constantly roaming the internet in search of vulnerable IT systems. Using respective software tools, we analyse your IT systems regarding potential security threats within an agreed timeframe. Our experts immediately evaluate and verify the obtained data and define recommendations for action. The respective report includes
  • identified vulnerabilities and categorization of the risk potential
  • recommendations for action to remove the vulnerability
  • verification of remediation regarding vulnerabilities identified during previous test intervals
  • changes within the IT environment
  • etc.
This report will be sent to you via an encrypted transmission channel (e.g. via strongly encrypted emails) after each test interval.

The individual "finger print" of your IT systems (installed software, software version, patch level, etc.) also enables us to provide you with daily early warnings on emerging potential security threats without the need to re-scan your IT environment each time.

How does the Digital Watchgard differ from comparable solutions?

The Digital Watchguard combines the technical tools used by attackers with the expertise of our specialised auditors. A major part of our service is the manual analysis and verification of the obtained data. Instead of having to undertake the laborious task of searching for vulnerabilities yourself and verifying them with regard to required measures, our experts provide you with clear, customized recommendations for action.

In addition to the regular analysis intervals, you receive a daily customized early vulnerability warning. This is based on the digital fingerprint of your IT systems (installed software, software version, patch level, etc.) and it provides you with an instant warning message for suspected vulnerabilities.

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