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The current threat situation

The current threat situation

IT systems which are exposed to the internet are constantly subjected to automised attack attempts.

Any of your IT systems that are exposed to the internet are subjected to various threats. They are constantly exposed to attack attempts, the majority of which are automised and randomised. Depending on the actual purpose (e.g. eBusiness systems) the respective IT environments are characterized by high dynamics of change. In such a dynamic environment vulnerabilities may arise quickly.

Computer criminals will be attracted to vulnerabilites in IT systems that are exposed to the internet.

Sooner or later computer criminals will be attracted to systems with existing vulnerabilities (e.g. via automized scans). Depending on the type of system, potential consequences may result in the distribution of malware via hacked websites, data theft and the infiltration of internal IT systems.

Administrators are required to detect and eliminate system changes and emerging security vulnerabilities.

Administrators of exposed systems face particularly high demands, even more so in complex/dynamic IT environments with shared responsibilities.

System changes and security vulnerabilities must be detected as fast and as reliably as possible in order to be able to respond accoordingly.

Even in an ideal IT administration setting IT executives struggle to understand precisely how the actioned safety measures are perceived from the perspective of an attacker.

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