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June 1, 2023



preview-image for BARAL CONNECT 2023

On June 15, Baral Connect 2023 takes place in Reutlingen. SCHUTZWERK GmbH is an official sponsor and speaker of the event.

Visit us at the Baral Connect 2023 ! The conference addresses the question: How do we want to use and protect geodata to create a livable world of the future?

SCHUTZWERK contributes two technical talks: At the get-together on June 14, Manuel Stegmiller provides exciting insights into the “Variants of Phishing”. Using concrete examples, you learn what a phishing attack can look like and what damage can be caused. And Dr. Bastian Könings, with his presentation “From Human to Circuit Board - The Broad Spectrum of Penetration Testing in Practice”, shows which security vulnerabilities exist and how they are identified. Whether physical attacks on devices or vulnerabilities in communication media - the practical examples vividly convey the impetus that cybersecurity consulting creates for your company.

At Baral Connect, there will be plenty of opportunities to share knowledge, make new contacts and present innovative ideas. We look forward to seeing you there!

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