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Cooperation with TeleChips to strengthen their SoC cybersecurity

August 22, 2023 #news #automotive security #embedded security

We are excited to announce that Telechips, a leading supplier of System-on-Chip (SoC) components for automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment and cockpit solutions based in Seoul, South Korea, has selected SCHUTZWERK as their strategic partner for SoC cybersecurity assessments. Telechips has chosen to partner with SCHUTZWERK, a renowned and experienced provider of automotive and embedded security assessments , to conduct comprehensive cybersecurity assessments of their entire SoC portfolio through the end of 2024.

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SecForCARs Demo Video of our PROBoter released

February 2, 2022 #proboter #automotive security #embedded security #secforcars #toolrelease #news

The PROBoter is a modular, self-calibrating probing machine to support PCB analysis tasks in penetration tests of embedded systems. The video of the PROBoter demonstrates its four main contributions: 1) The automatic visual detection of components and contact points on a PCB, 2) the automatic probing of contact points for net reversing and signal detection, 3) the mapping of signal lines to given bus protocols, and 4) the support in identification of potential attack vectors.

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Embedded Security Assessment of a TeleChips SoC

January 19, 2022 #automotive security #embedded security #methodologies #research

A System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is regularly used in the automotive domain to build electronic control units (ECUs) with high demands on different functionalities and computation power. TeleChips, as a leading supplier of SoC components for automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment and cockpit solutions, chose SCHUTZWERK as an independent and experienced provider for automotive and embedded security assessments to analyze their new SoC series TCC803x (Dolphin+). This success story summarizes the approach and results of the comprehensive security assessment.

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SCHUTZWERK participated at escar Europe 2021 with two talks

November 15, 2021 #proboter #automotive security #event #research #secforcars

The escar is the world’s leading automotive cyber security conference. SCHUTZWERK participated at this year’s escar Europe with two talks. The first talk of Dr. Bastian Könings discussed the current challenges in automotive penetration testing. The second talk of Fabian Weber presented the PROBoter, a hardware platform to support penetration tests of embedded systems by automating time-consuming analysis tasks.

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Automotive Security Talk at Aalen University

June 19, 2019 #news #talk #automotive security #cooperation

As part of the 10 years IT security anniversary lecture series at Aalen University, Bastian Könings has given an introduction to the security of today’s and future vehicles. In his talk, he outlined known security issues and demonstrated existing attacks on cars. How these issues are being addressed in current development processes was discussed by showing the goals and approaches of penetration tests conducted by SCHUTZWERK in the automotive domain.

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Threat Modeling with TMTe4PT

February 20, 2019 #threat modeling #toolrelease #automotive security #secforcars #embedded security

From a traditional point of view, vehicles used to be closed systems in which components communicated between each other over a central vehicle bus and no connection to remote systems was possible. However, this has drastically changed during the last years with increasing connectivity and autonomy of today’s vehicles. While car manufacturers have a long experience in dealing with safety problems, dealing with security risks raised by this development is a relatively new domain for them.

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Powerful IT security for the car of the future

May 25, 2018 #news #secforcars #automotive security #research #cooperation

Munich, Germany – 25 May 2018 – The more electronics steer, accelerate and brake cars, the more important it is to protect them against cyber-attacks. That is why 15 partners from industry and academia will work together over the next three years on new approaches to IT security in self-driving cars. The joint project goes by the name Security For Connected, Autonomous Cars (SecForCARs) and has funding of €7.2 million from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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February 14, 2018 #embedded security #toolrelease #automotive security #fuzzing

Disclaimer: The elaboration and software project associated to this subject are results of a Bachelor’s thesis created at SCHUTZWERK in collaboration with Aalen University by Philipp Schmied. While car manufacturers steadily refine and advance vehicle systems, requirements of the underlying networks increase even further. Striving for smart cars, a fast-growing amount of components are interconnected within a single car. This results in specialized and often proprietary car protocols built based on standardized technology.

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