Effectiveness and Economic Efficiency Assessment

Consulting and guidance in considering (especially evaluation) aspects of effectiveness and profitability

A functioning information security management requires the interaction of a large number of technical, organizational and personal security measures. In addition to established standard solutions, such as firewalls and virus protection, more and more providers are vying for new customers with innovative security products. For IT decision-makers, there is an enormous “toolbox” to counter the risks in the IT environment. In contrast, human and financial resources are a limiting factor. For the necessary consideration of the effectiveness and economic efficiency of security measures, SCHUTZWERK supports you with many years of experience and extensive market and solution overview.

IT departments are not only confronted with continuously increasing security requirements. The solutions to meet these requirements are just as numerous. An example of this is the encrypted communication between users, for which the market advertises with innumerable software products. In order to establish an appropriate solution for the said purpose, essential questions must be answered: How high is the protection requirement for communication? What are the user requirements? Which security products come into question? Do they technically keep what the product marketing promises and are the costs in relation to the benefits? And also: What organizational principles and measures are required beyond the technical solution?

Thorough preparatory work and analyses can prevent bad investments and ensure maximum effectiveness of the measures taken. SCHUTZWERK supports you within the scope of effectiveness and economic feasibility studies in answering the questions described, in particular with the following activities:

  • Definition of the desired effects of measures
  • Comparison of the effects of measures with company-specific threats and security objectives
  • Comparison of the effects of measures with the risks to be countered (based on the company-specific threats and security goals)
  • Analysis of the potential attainability of the effects of measures (product functions, effects of organizational measures, etc.)
  • Analysis of technical and organizational principles required for each measure
  • Analysis of the potential effort required for the implementation and application of measures in comparison to the potential effects
  • Depending on the result of the previous activities, determination of alternative measures

Based on the results achieved, we offer an evaluation of corresponding products and services in the field of software and hardware solutions.

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