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With the “go-digital” initiative, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) supports small and medium-sized companies in digitization.

Since the beginning of 2021, SCHUTZWERK GmbH has been an authorized consulting company for funding within the framework of go-digital. This means that IT security projects for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are eligible for up to 50% funding.

For our existing customers, this means that we can check their eligibility for future projects. At the same time, potential new customers also have the opportunity to get to know us at an introductory price as part of an initial project.


Your company

  • is a legally independent small or medium-sized enterprise in the commercial or craft sector,
  • has fewer than 100 employees
  • has a previous year’s turnover or a previous year’s balance sheet total of no more than EUR 20.00 million,
  • has a permanent establishment or branch in Germany and
  • is eligible for funding under the de minimis Regulation.

Provided you were able to answer these questions positively, we can start the process.


We proceed as follows:

  • We make an initial appointment to talk about the object under investigation and your requirements.
  • Based on this conversation and any other information provided, we prepare a proposal. Together with the conversation, this represents the potential analysis required by the initiative.
  • After receiving and reviewing our offer, you can decide whether you want to go the distance with us. Only then does the actual process of submitting an application begin.


The initiative provides that the potential analysis is part of the project. It is possible not to perform a potential analysis, provided that we provide a justification. At SCHUTZWERK, the potential analysis represents the initial interview and the offer.

In concrete terms, the funding means the following for you in monetary terms:

  • Amount of subsidy: 50,00 % at the maximum subsidizable daily rate of 1.100,00 EUR (net)
  • Scope of funding: Maximum 30.00 person-days within six months
  • Maximum project costs: Up to 33.000,00 EUR
  • Subsidy: Up to 16.500,00 EUR

If the project costs exceed the eligible amount, this difference will be settled normally. A subsidy therefore remains possible.

We need your support in the application process. More information will be provided in the initial meeting!

More info about this funding

Visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Health for more information about this funding.

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