Phishing Awareness Assessment

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In 86% of all organizations, at least one person clicks on a phishing link - and the costs for this click are enormous

203 billion euros - that’s the damage caused by cyber attacks to the German economy. And that’s annually!

And all it takes is one click: If an employee clicks on a phishing link thoughtlessly, they can paralyze the entire company.

But can we blame the individual for such a mistake?

The number of cyber attacks increases annually by up to 60% - each one of us is exposed to a myriad of internet threats daily, making it difficult to keep track.

Technology isn’t enough: Make your employees the strongest defense against phishing!

Technology intercepts most phishing emails before they even land in the recipient’s inbox.

Unfortunately, relying solely on technology isn’t enough. Each individual must be trained to become the strongest defense for the company.

With a Phishing Awareness Assessment, you meet your colleagues where a real attack would occur: at their desk.

In several campaigns, we simulate attacks and assess how sensitive your colleagues are to phishing attempts.

And if someone does click on a link, they receive immediate feedback: targeted instructions and suggestions to be better prepared next time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The fixed price allows for easy adaptation to your budget - regardless of the size of your company

  • Minimal organizational effort on your part - after a technical kick-off, we take over the entire management of the campaigns

  • Your employees are trained directly - immediate feedback prevents dissatisfaction and increases learning efficiency

  • You receive a statistical evaluation after each campaign - laying the groundwork for further cybersecurity measures

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