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SCHUTZWERK at the building IoT 2024

Meet us at the IoT conference in Munich

preview-image for building IoT conference

SCHUTZWERK is visiting Munich! From February 21st to 22nd, 2024, we will be at the building IoT Conference participating with a presentation. The building IoT has been the meeting point since 2016 for those developing software applications and digital products in the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things.

On February 22nd, in our presentation Breaking Through the Wall: Side Channel Attacks and Fault Injection we will showcase invisible methods through which attackers obtain confidential information. We will shed light on hidden dangers and provide a practical and illustrative insight into the topic, strengthening awareness of the complex threats in the highly connected world of IoT.

We look forward to exchanging ideas on IoT and Embedded Security at the event. Would you like to schedule a meeting with us in advance? We’d be happy to! Simply send us an email at info@schutzwerk.com with a proposed time. We will be onsite throughout the conference.

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