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Cooperation with TeleChips to strengthen their SoC cybersecurity

TeleChips and SCHUTZWERK enter SoC cybersecurity partnership

preview-image for Telechips and SCHUTZWERK announce their SoC cybersecurity partnership

We are excited to announce that Telechips, a leading supplier of System-on-Chip (SoC) components for automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment and cockpit solutions based in Seoul, South Korea, has selected SCHUTZWERK as their strategic partner for SoC cybersecurity assessments.

Telechips has chosen to partner with SCHUTZWERK, a renowned and experienced provider of automotive and embedded security assessments , to conduct comprehensive cybersecurity assessments of their entire SoC portfolio through the end of 2024.

This partnership will harness the expertise of SCHUTZWERK’s seasoned embedded security team to maintain and enhance the robust security of Telechips' SoCs. The detailed and reproducible assessment documentation provided by SCHUTZWERK, coupled with Telechips' well-established security management processes, will ensure that Telechips' SoCs remain a secure choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers worldwide.

This collaboration underscores both companies' unwavering commitment to upholding the highest level of security in the rapidly evolving landscape of embedded systems.

“We are eager to deepen our relationship with Telechips, a company renowned for its innovative SoC technology,” said Dr. Bastian Könings, a key member of SCHUTZWERK’s embedded security team. “This partnership enables us to apply our cybersecurity expertise to bolster the security of Telechips' SoC variants, ensuring they continue to be safe and reliable in our increasingly interconnected world.”

This is not the first time SCHUTZWERK and Telechips have joined forces. They previously collaborated on an embedded security assessment project for a Telechips SoC. The successful outcome of that project laid a solid foundation for this strategic partnership. More details about this previous project can be found in the corresponding success story ."

~ Dr. Bastian Könings

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