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November 19, 2019 #cooperation #event #news

Since October 2019 we are a cooperation partner of the University Association Wedel of the University of Applied Sciences Wedel (FH Wedel). In our third year in Hamburg we are now also setting sail in the academic context in order to inspire students for IT security. As a link between the university and business, the association has been supporting students for over 25 years. With its courses of studies in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and, above all, IT Security, FH Wedel covers exactly the needs of the areas in which we are looking for IT security consultants.

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Automotive Security Talk at Aalen University

June 19, 2019 #news #talk #automotive security #cooperation

As part of the 10 years IT security anniversary lecture series at Aalen University, Bastian Könings has given an introduction to the security of today’s and future vehicles. In his talk, he outlined known security issues and demonstrated existing attacks on cars. How these issues are being addressed in current development processes was discussed by showing the goals and approaches of penetration tests conducted by SCHUTZWERK in the automotive domain.

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SCHUTZWERK CTF Event at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences

March 29, 2019 #news #ctf #cooperation #embedded security

In cooperation with the Aalen University of Applied Sciences, SCHUTZWERK organized another successful hacking event for their students. As part of the all-day event, the students were invited to solve challenges from different categories and levels of difficulty. New this year were, besides the updated Challenges in the existing areas, challenges from the topic Hardware / Embedded Security. At this point we would like to thank the University for the cooperation and congratulate the winners of the event.

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Guest lectures at Ulm University

February 22, 2019 #cooperation #talk #web security #social engineering

SCHUTZWERK has long-lasting connections to Hochschule Furtwangen, Hochschule Aalen and Ulm University in order to cooperate in research and teaching topics with security focus. This includes lectures, security CTFs, master and bachelor thesis as well as research projects (e.g., the ongoing BMBF project SecForCARs in which a recent master thesis was conducted together with Ulm University). Furthermore, SCHUTZWERK regularly conducts one-day hands-on events, so-called Capture-the-flags (CTF), in which students can test their cybersecurity skills in form of a practical competition (e.

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Powerful IT security for the car of the future

May 25, 2018 #news #secforcars #automotive security #research #cooperation

Munich, Germany – 25 May 2018 – The more electronics steer, accelerate and brake cars, the more important it is to protect them against cyber-attacks. That is why 15 partners from industry and academia will work together over the next three years on new approaches to IT security in self-driving cars. The joint project goes by the name Security For Connected, Autonomous Cars (SecForCARs) and has funding of €7.2 million from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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The Next Generation of Security Experts

December 8, 2016 #news #cooperation #ctf

In cooperation with the Universities of Furtwangen and Aalen, SCHUTZWERK organized a hacking event on the 25th resp. 30th of November 2016, which also included a ‘‘Capture the Flag Contest’’. With overall nearly 100 participants and a lot of positive feedback the events were a full success. We like to say thank you for the professional cooperation to those responsible on the side of the Universities of Furtwangen and Aalen. Also a big thank you to all participating students for the awesome participation!

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Hacking Workshop at Hochschule Aalen

November 25, 2016 #news #ctf #cooperation #forensics

In cooperation with the University of Aalen, SCHUTZWERK is organizing a Hacking Workshop with “Capture the Flag Contest” on the 30th November 2016. The event enables the participants to achieve IT security know-how in a playful way. The workshop covers diverse areas, for example the forensic analysis of IT systems, on the basis of a working storage map. Further topics in the area of web application hacking, algorithmics and cryptographiy will be addressed additionally.

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November 10, 2016 #news #cooperation #web security #forensics

In cooperation with the University of Furtwangen, SCHUTZWERK is organizing the Hack2Improve event on the 25th November 2016, focusing on the latest IT security topics. Hack2Improve is a hands-on event that attracts beginners as well as advanced attendees year after year. For example, they learn how to read a secure WLAN connection. Another key issue includes the basics for examining a smartphone app and the sensitive data it contains. Intermediate participants learn the forensic investigation of IT systems as well as advanced topics in the field of hacking web applications.

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