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Kubernetes RBAC: Paths for Privilege Escalation

17. Juli, 2023 #kubernetes #cloud #container #attacks

Kubernetes is a widely used open-source container orchestration system that helps to reduce workloads when dealing with container management in distributed systems. Its built-in authorization module is enabled by default and provides authorization mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access to resources. However, certain permissions enable their subject to escalate their privileges to a potentially Cluster compromising extent.

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19. März, 2020 #toolrelease #cloud

Hands-on practice is an efficient way for penetration testers to gain in-depth knowledge of a certain skill or technology. Providing hands-on practice requires setting up an environment for test and training purposes. Setting up a test environment manually can be time-consuming and very frustrating. This is caused by long installation processes and configuration procedures. Besides that, setting up big test environments can be expensive due to the necessary infrastructure or computational power.

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